About us


We are a U.S. Veteran Employer located in Concord, California. Over half our crew are veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq wars. (some from both)

Many of the young people who come back from serving in our military have difficulty finding employment. Here at RedwoodBox.com we teach carpentry skills and build crews that become awesome at task solving. After all, teamwork is what the military is all about. 

  • 100% California Redwood
  •     Hand made in America by U.S. Veterans
  • Best customer service
  •     Design services available to those who ask
  • Providing living wage jobs for American families

Our team

8/27/2015 Front door 

Contact us

Please stop by if you are a U.S. Veteran looking for work. We are always looking for good men and women to join our team.


“RedwoodBox was at Vet-Con 2015 looking for people who needed work. I filled out an application and started the next day. I feel lucky to be here.”

Jeff B. E-4 U.S. Army

“I just moved into the Concord area one day before I got my job at RedwoodBox.com. The guys are all great to work with. We build all day, but we have fun. Building each other up and making jokes. I love this job and I hope it never ends.”

Jake W. E-4 U.S. Army